Pelvic Girdle Pain in Pregnancy

Pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain is a condition that causes pain around the joints of the lower back and pelvis during and after pregnancy.

During pregnancy a hormone called relaxin softens the ligaments around the joints of the pelvis. This is a natural process which assists childbirth affecting the pubic symphysis at the front of the pelvis, or the left and right sacroiliac joints at the back of the pelvis.

The pain can make it difficult for women to walk or participate in activities of daily living such as sitting, going up and down steps, turning in bed,  and exercising. This can occur at any time during pregnancy from 1st to 3rd trimester.

The most important factor is early and correct assessment so that appropriate treatment can be taken.

At Inner Active Pelvic Health Physiotherapy we are able to help you manage the pain, address fears and concerns working closely with your support team (midwives, doctors or obstetricians) to help you restore function, movement and most importantly enjoy your pregnancy!

Some of the strategies we incorporate may include:

  • prescription of an individualized program for you which includes specific exercises to optimize the deep abdominal muscles and pelvic floor such as gluteal strength exercises
  • recommend use of appropriate support wear specific to your condition
  • advice on  care and considerations for postitions and movment whith labour and birth.
  • advise on strategies to movement and exercises that are pain free, such as advice on positions with sitting, standing and sleeping

Research  reveals up to 25% of women can continue to suffer with pelvic girdle pain after pregnancy. Its never too late to seek help.

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​October 2018

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