Let’s Chat Workshops

Do you run a small group or are part of one? That is a mothers group, retirement groups, playgroups, cancer support groups (breast or prostate)?

We are excited to bring to you our LETS CHAT WORKSHOPS designed to raise awareness in pelvic health that is relevant to you!
These workshops are designed for your support groups to offer education and awareness on important topics that are not often talked about and yet many continue to suffer in silence.
Topics included are:

  • Pelvic floor 101 : what, where, why and how
  • Safe return to exercise (after childbirth, cancer treatment)
  • Bladder and bowel health
  • Return to intimacy

​If you would like more information or arrange a workshop delivered by one of our specialised pelvic health physiotherapists email at info@inneractivephysio.com.au

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