Let’s Chat Workshops

LET’S CHAT WORKSHOPS: Empowering Your Support Group with Pelvic Health Education

Are you part of a small group such as a mothers group, retirement group, playgroup, or cancer support group? At Inner Active Pelvic Health and Physiotherapy, we are excited to offer our LET’S CHAT WORKSHOPS designed to raise awareness about pelvic health issues that are relevant to you and your community.

Why Attend our Let’s Chat Workshops?
These workshops are specifically designed to provide education and raise awareness about important topics that are often not openly discussed, yet impact the lives of many who suffer in silence. By attending our workshops, you and your group members can gain valuable knowledge, practical skills, and a better understanding of pelvic health, women’s health and general wellbeing when it comes to health and exercise.

Topics Covered:

Our Let’s Chat Workshops cover a range of important pelvic health topics, including:

  • Pelvic Floor 101: What, Where, Why, and How
  • Understand the role of the pelvic floor muscles and how they support your overall well-being.
  • Learn exercises and techniques to promote a healthy pelvic floor.
  • Safe Return to Exercise and/or Sports (After Childbirth or Cancer Treatment)
  • Receive guidance on tailored exercises to support your recovery and overall fitness.
  • Bladder and Bowel Health
  • Understand strategies to improve and maintain optimal bladder and bowel health.
  • Return to Intimacy
  • Explore the impact of pelvic health issues on intimacy and sexual well-being.

How to Get Started:
To learn more about our Let’s Chat Workshops or to arrange a workshop delivered by one of our specialized pelvic health physiotherapists, simply email us at info@inneractivephysio.com.au. Our dedicated team will be happy to provide you with more information and assist you in scheduling a workshop for your support group.

We believe in the power of education and community support in promoting pelvic health and overall well-being. 

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 24 July 2024


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