Spring is here and the sun is out but unfortunately that also means there is an increase in pollen in the air. For those who suffer with hay fever it’s a much-dreaded season more so if you experience stress incontinence due to the persistent sneezing.

Stress incontinence is the loss of urine when there is an increase in the pressure in the abdomen that in turn presses down on the bladder. This is more common in women due to the effects of pregnancy, birth and menopause that place stress on the pelvic floor muscles but this can occur in men especially seen after prostate surgery.

So here are some helpful tips to help you manage your bladder concerns during this time of the year.

Seek help.  It is important to not ignore these symptoms as any form of leakage is NOT normal. It usually indicates a failure in the continence system and if left untreated has the potential to only get worse.

Speak to your doctor about your concerns, this may also include reviewing your medication that you are taking and seeing that it is effective in managing your symptoms

See a pelvic health physiotherapist. A pelvic health physio is able to carry out a complete evaluation including that of the pelvic musculature to help identify and find solutions to your problems. You do not require a referral.

Do your exercises. Once it has been identified that muscle weakness is in fact your main problem, it is important to adhere to the exercise program you are given to see the results you need.

Practice the “knack”, this is a protective movement of bracing or engaging your pelvic floor muscles before you cough and sneeze.

Stay well hydrated, unless advised otherwise by your doctor aim to have at least 1.5litres to 2 litres of fluid in a day. Unfortunately, many men and women fall into the trap of cutting down their fluid intake. This can cause bladder irritation which can become a further problem. Keeping well hydrated also aids with your bowel health which ensures stool are soft and easy to pass. If not, this can lead to constipation which place further stress on your pelvic floor worsening your symptoms.

Minimize your exposure– check out the weather/ pollen forecast in advance if you are heading out and avoid areas were grass is being mowed

At Inner Active Pelvic Health Physiotherapy, we can help with your bladder concerns, and help you get back on track Get you back doing the things you love in keeping active and healthy.

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