Interview with Gastroenterologist  – Insight into Chronic Constipation

In this month’s blog, Tafy had the opportunity to interview Dr Simon Glance, a gastroenterologist based in the Northern Suburbs and part of the health care team at the Bundoora Health Specialist centre. ​

As pelvic health physiotherapists we treat conditions impacting both bladder and bowels.

Constipation continues to be major problem worldwide and common complaint in Australia.

In this interview we talk about the importance of seeking help and recognizing when bowel habits are not normal. Chronic constipation can be primary or secondary and often can be accompanied with other issues the longer it continues including the musculoskeletal system and the pelvic floor muscles!

Topics covered are:

  • Common conditions seen by a gastroenterologist (2:12)
  • What is constipation? (3:10)
  • Common causes of constipation (04:46)
  • Brain and Bowel connection (06:05)
  • The role of the gastroenterologist in managing constipation (07:19)
  • The role of the pelvic floor physiotherapist in constipation assessment and management (10:20)

For more information on the following, see resources and links below:

Dr Simon Glance- GastroNorth 
Bowel anatomy – Continence foundation of Australia
Looking after your bowel booklet – Continence Foundation of Australia

If you would like to know about how a pelvic physiotherapist can help you with your bowel concerns, please reach out and contact us at

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