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Breast cancer survivor

As mothers day approaches I could not find a more fitting way to honor my mother, a breast cancer survivor, and share her story.

My Breast Cancer Story

It is something you often hear about, happening to others but never imagine it is something that can happen to you. At 53 years of age, in 2000 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Married with 4 children my concern quickly went to my family and not wanting them to see me suffer.

The journey all began one morning whilst having a bath I felt a lump in my right breast. Breast cancer awareness was not something that was readily shared or seen in the media or news, but I had read enough to know it was something that I had to get checked out. After visiting my doctor, I was advised to have a biopsy. Results confirmed cancer.
I was overwhelmed with questions of many which I knew no one could give me answers to.

Within a week, I had a mastectomy done followed by months of chemotherapy and then radiation.  I was fortunate to have been surrounded by amazing care staff in particular my oncologist who contributed greatly to my healing process. Early on I choose to be proactive in my recovery and that meant seeking as much information on what I can do to help my recovery. I attended counseling, I got involved in a support group, watched my diet and took up regular exercising. I know look back and realize I was driven by wanting to be there not only for myself but for my family.  This gave me the strength to move forward even when there were times that I wanted to give up.

My survivorship journey continues, but in that journey, I am most grateful and blessed to be present for my family. Being a mother and seeing your own children become mothers and fathers is something I never take for granted.

I am now an active volunteer at my local cancer centre, reaching out to many women who are at different stages in their cancer journey. The valuable support I received throughout my journey I can only pay it forward and help other women, being there for them providing them support and friendship. Raising awareness continues to be ongoing work for all women to be breast-aware.This last week we wanted to highlight some helpful tips moms out there can do to care of themselves and consequently be able to care for those around them. Tip 5 Breast Care Awareness is so crucial in your self care! More information check out

Get the care you deserve Mamas!
Happy Mothers Day!


​Tafy Seade

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