Bladder issues in men

The bladder and urethra play a crucial role in the urinary system. When these systems are not functioning correctly, it can result in voiding dysfunction, which includes symptoms such as:

  • Bladder urgency: a sudden and intense need to urinate that cannot be delayed.
  • Difficulty starting to pass urine: feeling like you need to urinate but having trouble starting the stream.
  • Weak stream: a stream that is slow and weak, or that stops and starts.
  • Incomplete emptying: feeling like your bladder is not completely empty after urinating.
  • Straining to pass urine: having to push or strain to start or complete urination.
  • Dribbling after emptying the bladder: urine that continues to leak out after finishing urination.

Voiding dysfunction can also lead to urinary incontinence (leaking urine) or urinary retention (inability to empty the bladder completely).

How can Pelvic Physiotherapy Help?

Pelvic health physiotherapy can be a helpful treatment option for men experiencing voiding dysfunction. As pelvic health physiotherapists, our specialty involves assessing the role of the pelvic floor muscles. This involves a detailed examination that considers your history, lifestyle habits, and bladder and bowel habits.

A treatment plan tailored to you is made to address the underlying muscle and nerve issues that are contributing to the dysfunction.

Your treatment plan from your pelvic health physiotherapist may involve any of the following:

  • Education on your condition
  • Lifestyle modifications to establish healthy bladder habits
  • Bladder training strategies
  • Pelvic floor muscle training programs
  • Biofeedback strategies

In some cases, this may also include:

  • Addressing the musculoskeletal system of the pelvis and back that may be contributing to your condition
  • Prescription and guidance in the use of transcutaneous nerve stimulation
  • Identifying any other contributors, such as stress and anxiety

Having a holistic approach is important to in achieving optimal recovery. If you would like to know how a pelvic physiotherapist can help you with your bladder issues, contact us on 7006 5112

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