Staying active with pelvic floor muscle dysfunction

When facing problems with pelvic floor muscles conditions the last thing most want to do is leave the house let alone break a sweat with exercise.  Here are a few tips to try that are not only pelvic floor friendly but also aim to help you keep moving and keeping  active for your long term health:

1) Check in with a pelvic health physiotherapist
A trained pelvic health physiotherapist is able to carry out a full assessment to identify where the problem is and how best it can be addressed. Part of that may include giving you strategies to manage pain, weakness and loss of movement.  This is a great way to be able to get a complete evaluation and get a program that is individualized and specific to you and your needs.

2) Engage in low impact exercises Walking is a great low impact exercise that can be adapted to your concerns. Special attention is given to pace, posture and progression. Water based exercises are great way to reduce pressure on your pelvic floor the buoyancy of the water significantly lightens the load on your pelvic floor and joints This is a great way to get a fully body workout that helps strengthen your coreStretching and flexibility exercises – these can help increase the blood flow to your muscles and in turn help muscles perform more efficiently, improving range and movement.

3) Keep well hydrated
Unless told otherwise by your doctor aim to drink 1.5 to 2 litres of fluid throughout the day. Poor fluid intake not only impacts bladder health but also bowels which can further exacerbate issues with your pelvic floor muscles. In particular, constipation. This can lead to behaviors of straining in order to empty the bowels which in turn weaken the pelvic floor worsening symptoms.

4) Eat a healthy balanced diet
This not only aims to maintain a healthy weight, but it enhances gut movement and prevents constipation which is essential for long term pelvic health.

Help is available in getting you back to complete health.  Contact us and see how we can help you.

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