Pregnancy Pelvic Support Belt: What is it?

Recently Victorian committee member Tafy Seade, principal physiotherapist of Inner Active Pelvic Health, sat down with founder and creator of the Mitton pelvic belt support, Ingrid Mitton. Find below a repost from that interview with the pelvic belt creator (repost from the Australian Physiotherapy Association  Newsletter Recently Victorian committee member Tafy Seade, principal physiotherapist of Inner Active Pelvic […]

Top tips  to help you prepare for your  gynecological surgery

  Many women are undergoing surgery for incontinence, prolapse and hysterectomy. A pelvic health physiotherapist is able to provide support to these women to enhance recovery and optimize the long terms benefits of their procedure. Preparation is key. At Inner Active Pelvic Physiotherapy seeing a physiotherapist will aim to: Optimize bladder and bowel function:  It is important […]

Cancer and the Pelvic Floor

  Author: Lisa Cheek, PT, DPT, CLT-LANA Everything you wanted to know about the pelvic floor but were afraid to ask. The pelvic floor is an important group of muscles that lives in the bottom of the pelvic bowl.  These muscles influence bladder, bowel, and sexual function, and play an important role in spinal stability.  They even help us breath! […]


Spring is here and the sun is out but unfortunately that also means there is an increase in pollen in the air. For those who suffer with hay fever it’s a much-dreaded season more so if you experience stress incontinence due to the persistent sneezing. Stress incontinence is the loss of urine when there is […]

Staying active with pelvic floor muscle dysfunction

When facing problems with pelvic floor muscles conditions the last thing most want to do is leave the house let alone break a sweat with exercise.  Here are a few tips to try that are not only pelvic floor friendly but also aim to help you keep moving and keeping  active for your long term health: […]

Running and your “floor”

This past weekend a friend and I went to the local parkrun and yes were one of the “first timers” It was great being part of such a large group of 200+ of like-minded people, cheering each other. It had a sense of community, belonging and fun. We were all coming from different walks of […]

Not Exercising? Start Moving!

Can’t exercise? start moving If the idea of getting out your running shoes makes your cringe, then consider how are you moving? Now, when faced with pelvic floor dysfunction, women often voice exercising is the last thing on their mind. This could be due to a number of reasons. Common exercises such as running, jumping […]

Interview with Fiona Rogers owner of e-store Pelvic Floor Exercise

Recently Victorian committee member Tafy Seade, principal physiotherapist of Inner Active Pelvic Health, sat down with Fiona Rogers of Pelvic Floor Exercise to talk about pelvic floor devices and their use in pelvic health in addition to the impact of COVID-19. Q: Tell us about yourself and what made you get into the field of […]

Pelvic Organ Prolapse

What is pelvic organ prolapse? ​The pelvic floor muscles, fascia and ligaments that support the organs within the pelvis can become weak. This can result in one or more of the organs move in a downward direction. That can be the bladder, the bowels and/or the uterus. What causes prolapse? Prolapse is commonly caused by sustained […]

Physiotherapy follwing Prostatectomy

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men. It is known to affect 1 in 6 men over the age of 65 years (1).  Fortunately, the treatment options AND outcomes are improving.  The role of physiotherapy is often overlooked and not considered in the treatment journey. This post aims to raise some awareness on the […]