Breastfeeding week

The first week of August we celebrate breastfeeding week. Its our way of supporting and raising awareness about new mothers and their breastfeeding journey. As someone who has had 3 children of my own, juggling motherhood and breastfeeding is really challenging. As a practice we treat lots of breastfeeding related issues such as mastitis (blocked […]

Blocked ducts in breastfeeding- 5 ways physiotherapy can help.

What are blocked ducts and how does breastfeeding work? Ducts in the breast carry breast milk from deep within the breast to the nipple during breastfeeding. These ducts can become blocked and when milk builds up behind the blockage, a lump forms and your breast begins to feel sore. They can be incredibly painful impacting […]

Returning to exercise: A pelvic physiotherapist’s guide

Considering exercise but have noticed either you: Experience urine loss when you run, walk, lift or jump? As a result of this, for many both men and women, they stop the exercise and for some cringe at the idea of doing any of the above-mentioned activities due to fear of experiencing issues down below.  In […]

COVID-19- Update July 2020

Dear clients, At Inner Active Pelvic Physiotherapy the health and safety of our clients, our team and the community continue to be our top priority. With the recent announcements and current stage 3, restrictions we want to reassure you as an essential service, we continue to remain open. We are taking additional measures to limit […]

Understanding the Menstrual Cycle

​Want to know just how complex a female’s menstrual cycle is? Take a look at this video which details the intricate relationship between the endocrine system (hormones) and the menstrual cycle. ​It’s so important to understand “normal” menstrual function in order to identify times when this process is disrupted or impaired. Although there is natural […]

Abdominal muscle separation Physiotherapy Advice- Part 2

  How to check for an abdominal muscle separation. In the clinic, a thorough assessment can be carried out by one of our physiotherapists that aims to establish the integrity of these muscles and tissues but measuring the width, length, depth, tension, and surrounding muscle activity. However, at home, you can assess yourself for the […]

Abdominal muscle separation Physiotherapy Advice- Part 1

Abdominal Muscle Separation, also known as Diastasis of the Rectus Abdominus Muscle (DRAM) What is it? DRAM is the separation of the connective tissue along the midline of the abdominal muscles. In some cases, this separation can also be evident on effort or exertion where a bulging can be seen along the mid-line. What causes […]

Mother’s Day Dedication: Breast Cancer Survivor My  Hero My Mom

As mothers day approaches I could not find a more fitting way to honor my mother, a breast cancer survivor, and share her story. My Breast Cancer Story It is something you often hear about, happening to others but never imagine it is something that can happen to you. At 53 years of age, in […]

Healthy Habits: Bladder and Bowel Care

Going to the toilet is a big part of our lives. But unfortunately, it’s not something commonly discussed. As a result, not many of us have a great sense of what is normal and what is not when it comes to bladder and bowel habits.  ​ Some habits are learned early on and unfortunately carried into […]

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